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Please be clingy with me. Get worried if I don’t text you back in ten minutes, blow up my phone, when were in public you better hold my hand and kiss me, get mad when other girls look at me, tell me that you miss me or love me all the time. But also I want you to trust me. If I’m dating you then it means that I’m all for you. I don’t want a relationship that will last a few days. I got into this because I saw something with you. I am yours, you are mine. End of story.


I can’t wait to travel and find out where I want to live. 


For your viewing pleasure: a squirrel trying to bury an acorn in a dog.


For your viewing pleasure: a squirrel trying to bury an acorn in a dog.


this is what they thought 2015 would be like in the 80s

i’m sorry we have failed you

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German Ad Doesn’t Need Words To Speak Volumes About Supporting Your Kids

Being a teenager is hard. But the German home improvement chain Hornbach knows having parents who go the extra mile to show their support can make a big difference.

Watch the full commercial that will sum those awkward high school years perfectly here. 

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This is the kind of dad I want to be.

The best relationship is when you can act like lovers and best friends at the same time.

I’m very protective of my girlfriend. I also try to be the polite southern “gentleman” that I was brought up to be around her parents. Well around everybody but you get the drift. Anyways, so her mom said some stuff about homosexuals and her disdain for her daughter’s choices (she didn’t know we are dating). I was caught totally off guard, was quite speechless, and extremely angry. I had a five second window where I thought of walking out. But this is someone that I plan to have to see again and I want her to at least semi-approve of me for her daughter. So I stayed and made dinner. This morning I tried to leave without having to speak to her. It didn’t work. She followed me out and apologized for the things she said. Then she started with more of the same stuff. In short, this time I was prepared. She now knows that; 1: I am gay, 2: I am in love with her daughter, 3: I won’t listen to her narrow minded judgmental beliefs, and 4: I will protect her daughter, even from her. So I had a pray away the gay/good man in a storm moment.

I wanted to go right then and buy a ring and make my Feisty Pants mine forever. But I calmed down and came to my senses. All in due time, she will be my wife when the timing is right. I love her with all that I am and all that I hope to ever be. She is my future and I hope that her mom can be a part of that. And that I don’t ever feel the urge to punch her in the throat. You can say what you want about me, I’ll be okay, I’ll get over it. But never, never talk ill of my girlfriend or how she chooses to be happy.

"I was raised to be a good man in a storm. Raised to love my country. To love my family. To protect the things I love. I’m a good man in a storm. And I protect the things that I love. Not that I need to. She doesn’t need it. She’s strong, and caring, and honorable. She’s who you raised her to be."

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